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Which Is Healthier: Protein Shak or Smoothies?
Debating whether you should drink protein shakes or smoothies? Here are some tips going over the pros and cons of each, and which is healthier.
How to Find the Right Dietary Supplement for Your Body
It is important to find the right dietary supplement for your body that can meet your demands and expectations. Visit your dietitian and ask him to recommend the names of the dietary supplement suitable for your body fitness.
Human Body Needs Some Essential Vitamins, Which Has Enrich Nutrients
Vitamins are organic food substances found only in living things, i.e. plants and animals. They are essential for our bodies to function properly, for growth, energy and for our general well-being. With very few exceptions the human body cannot manufacture or synthesize vitamins. They must be supplied in our diet or in man-made dietary supplements. Some people believe that vitamins can replace food, but that is incorrect. In fact, vitamins cannot be assimilated without also ingesting food. That is why it is best to take them with a meal. Synthetic vitamin supplements can be of varying quality, so it is a good idea to get your supplements from a reliable source.
A Tour of the Supermarket For Best Nutrition
The author walks you through the standard supermarket layout and how to put together a strategy for healthy food choices. The key is to know the geography and how foods are commonly grouped.
Challenge Your Conditioning and Improve Your Current Lifestyle
We do not need to continue living life that does not bring us happiness and good health. It's time for you to find a better way that will give you the lifestyle you have always wanted. Look to others that have found their way and follow them.
Going Gluten Free?
What is gluten? Gluten, which literally means glue in Latin, is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. It is most problematic for individuals with Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Since Celiac disease only affects 1% of the population, the likelihood of it is rare, and a lifelong gluten-free diet is necessary.
Serving Up Some Truth: Busting Common Food Myths
Ever heard that eggs are bad for your levels of cholesterol, or that frozen veggies lack nutritional value? So have we, but what if these common sayings just aren't true? Read on to learn about some more myths about the foods in your kitchen.
Why Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of Your Day?
Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day? An article providing the answer and how easy it is to fit this meal into your daily routine, what the best foods for breakfast are, plus why it is critical for anyone on a diet!
How to Sustain Your New Year's Resolutions
New Year's resolutions are often an intent that is doomed to failure. In music, resolution indicates a sense of completion or a harmonious resting point. To make sure we are successful in our resolutions, we must set up landmarks for completion, resulting in a sense of success along the way. The steps to success are decision, action and accountability. Making decisions about steps to take leads to action. Combined with accountability, this path toward lifestyle change will yield a high rate of success!
The Easy Way to Start Eating Healthy
Learn how you can easily start eating healthier while improving you health, hair skin and over all well being. It not hard when you know how.
Top 3 Workout Food Myths That Could Be Sabotaging Your Health
Are these popular diet myths holding back your workout at best, and at worst, undermining your health? A great workout plan can't be founded on motivation and fitness gloves alone. No matter how much support your gain from your workout grips, you still need to take care of yourself and eat properly if you want results at the gym.
Is Your Food Constipating You?
Certain foods can either cause or help to relieve constipation. Find out which ones in this article.
The Silent Killer - GMO Evolutionary Caterpillars
Is it a GMO Evolution that is breeding Killer Caterpillars? According to How Stuff Works Episode Corn- there is a buried lab deep in the earth that is protecting every known species of corn. In the documentary, we learn that GMO's in corn is not only dangerous to consumption, but pollen. We learn, that the Monarch Butterfly may become endangered because of the GMO corn that is covering the United States of America, over 95% and 60% of Earth, according to The World Health Organization last year.
Why Your Metabolism Could Be The Reason You Are Not Bulking Up And How To Change It Accordingly
So You Are Having Trouble Building Muscle? You have spent countless hours working out, struggled so hard with your strict diet, tried out all these promising supplements/whey protein powders and all this other crap but you still haven't gotten those big biceps that will make any lady's jaw drop?
What Do Protein Shakes Do?
While you are attempting to transform your body by losing weight or gaining lean muscle, you probably have heard, "Drink protein shakes" and have wondered how they help. This article will provide you with a synopsis on how protein shakes aid in body transformation.
Kona's Gold Mine of Mineral Health
Off the Kona island of Hiwaii, 2000 feet beneath the surface, lies an extremely rich mineral mine. These minerals have never seen the surface water or been exposed to impurities. There is a genetic key that ties the balance of sea minerals to the human body.
6 Superfoods That Should Be In Your Diet
There a plenty of foods that can be put into the 'superfoods' category. However a lot of people seem to think superfoods must be part of some ancient recipe... you couldn't be further from the truth! In this post I list 5 easy to get hold of superfoods!
How to Read the Nutrition Label and Ingredients List
Nutrition labels and ingredients lists can be misleading and confusing if you're not sure what you're looking for. Learn to decipher these lists to help master portion control and to ensure you're always eating quality food.
Elimination Diet Plan For Your Best Possible Health
An elimination diet plan benefits those people who suffer from food sensitivities and allergies. There are certain foods that should be removed from your usual meals, but you can still enjoy eating various food substitutes.
The Power of Good Carbohydrates - Fuel Your Diet and Weight Loss Metabolism
This is an article talking about the power of good carbohydrates and using them to improve your diet and weight loss efforts. This article will help you create a better habit for health and nutrition.
Detoxify Your Body - Here's How
One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself this year is one of improved health and vitality. Learn Why and How you need to detoxify your body. Check out the resource section for your personal health consultation and create an inspired New You!
Boost Energy With These Metabolism Boosters
Weight is an issue for every person on Earth. For some it is gaining weight. For other's it is losing weight. Weight loss has become an issue for a vast majority of the population. There are quick fixes that prove to work at the time, but if stopped, weight is gained back plus more.
Personal Trainers Give Clients Nutrition Tips To Get Fit
The personal trainers not only focus on the physical training, but they also make sure that the diet the client is taking is perfect and as per the requirement of the training. The make sure that the client does not take any kind of junk food which may affect the training in an adverse manner. It is important to have proper diet along with good exercise in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy body.
What Is The Paleo Diet? Also Known As The Caveman Diet
What Is The Paleo Diet? The Paleo Diet is a way of eating (I don't like the word diet) that replicates how we used to eat in the wild as hunter-gatherers. The Paleo Diet consists of food that is found in nature and only in nature. In a nutshell it is: Meat, leaves, and berries.
Fiber As A Constipation Remedy
With so many constipation remedies available on the market today, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. You can use enemas, suppositories, and of course tons of different laxatives. But what if you want to keep your treatments all natural?
Vegetarians, Lactose Intolerant People and Meat Lovers Can Enjoy and Enjoin At Last To Grow Taller
Eat thereof materials needed for growth purposes and exercise adequately for the purpose of stretching cartilages and tissues to prepare oncoming growth, enable extra growth and permanently keeping it. Sleep on a surface that is as straight and firm as possible.
The Unquestionable Superiority of Raw Bee Pollen
As opposed to what most people believe, raw bee pollen provides greater advantages in comparison to processed bee pollen. This has been corroborated with the help of a series of experiments, all of which points to the greater superiority of unprocessed bee pollen.
Numerous Bee Pollen Benefits Not Known to the Average Individual
Bee pollen provides a plethora of advantages to humans with no side-effects. The medicinal qualities it possesses can help cure a range of diseases in a timely and efficient manner.
The Advantages of Eating Chocolate
Scientists and Researchers introduced some news for chocolate enthusiasts proclaiming that it might be required for your body. You'll find 4,000 kinds of compound sources which have similar relults to this kind of activity in chocolate referred to as Flavonoids which was secreted from cacao bean. The term used for these flavonoids in cacao is flavanols.
Why The Greatest Generation, Also The Unhealthiest Generation and The Price We Are All Still Paying
The generation which fought in World War II and helped build the economic might of the United States after the war is known colloquially as the Greatest Generation. One area they fell woefully short is in personal health, especially nutrition. That legacy carried on into our mindsets and approaches to this day.



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