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Abs, glorious Abs, it's hardly t-shirt off weather, but now is the time to get the work done for a big summer. As the famous Milk Tray advert says "All because the lady loves Abs" well they say Milk Tray, but Abs win the day. Abs of course aren’t just for show, they play a massive part in stability, and being able to actively function.

 Playing rugby and all the demands that entails, which includes a pretty heavy work load, constant games, injuries, recovery times week in week out, mean that a lot of the gym based sessions I do, hit my whole body. There are some exceptions like rehab of course. But on the whole I get 2 sessions a week in the gym, and these need to cover my key development areas, and get me ready to play. So often spending time focuses on my abs doesn’t happen that often. Of course so many lifts, moves and conditioning elements I do will hit them anyhow. I thought it was time to get an Abs pro in and create a session for you guys.


Let me introduce Celebrity personal trainer, Famutimimotivational speaker, American Football player or even wbff pro body builder/European champion... Whatever you know Hendricks as...WE all know him mostly for them ABS!!

he has exercises and diets he went through in order for him to achieve these awesome results but right now we (...) can reveal a sneak preview of what a training session and a diet in a day consist of to obtain such abs and physique! With an off season physique weighing in at 15stones 1lbs with less than 8% spells... MACHINE.

Now this workout isn’t for the weak hearted and surely not for those who make excuses and quit after doing 2 push-ups! But like I have always said, make sure you tailor the work out to your ability, don’t injure yourself, build up to this level. You may need to cut down reps and sets.  Soooo........

In the words of the man himself....


The corner stone of any training program and the pursuit of results are in your diet. Hendricks has put together a quick look at what he does to stay shredded and gain those remarkable results.

Hendricks’s / Superman’s Basic Food Diet on a normal day

Porridge with blueberries in water

Whey Protein Shake with semi skimmed milk

2 Baked potato with baked beans

Pre workout snack:
2 Oatcakes with peanut butter

Post workout snack:
Yoghurt with a whey protein shake and a handful of nuts

Turkey and baked sweet potato

Pre bed snack:
Spoonful of peanut butter

Hendricks’s / Superman's Workout for them perfect abs:

Warm up

Rowing machine /Lv 10
Ladies lv 7

30secs fast 30secs rest x 12

Now WITHOUT rest..

Pushups and focus on your form...

  • 20push ups /ladies 10 on knees (10sec rest)
  • 20push ups/ ladies 10 on knees (20 sec rest)
  • 20pushups/ ladies 10 on knees (30sec rest)
  • 20pushups/ ladies 10 on knees (40sec rest)
  • 20 pushups/ ladies 10 on knees

Straight into… (No rest)

Plank on elbows 30sec superset with crunches 30secs x 6 sets


NO REST.... into...

45secs sprints on treadmill incline 12 /ladies incline 3-5

Superset with

Overhead barbell lunges 20reps in total / ladies 10

X 5 sets


Finish with the following.

Russian twist 30 (L and R counts as 1)
Weighted crunches 30 rep
Leg raises 30 / ladies 20

X All by 2 sets each

As I said, if this is to much for a beginner which it would normally be, cut things down, or take a rest in between the sessions. 

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Happy Training.


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