Monday, January 7, 2013

Training - Sharp Clean Cardio On The Versa

Short Sharp Full body Cardio Session.

I was looking to get a good cardio blast, without putting myself in the ground. I could have gone out and done some running, but wanted low impact on my body, as I was still sore from one of our wasp’s games. You can add this session in as a finisher depending on your workload, or even better as something that you do that is short, sharp and real quality.

So when pondering what do to, In stepped Wasps Head conditioner Dan Howells with a little Versaclimber/circuit session. I always go over the top and do too much, which feels good at the time but doesn’t help in the long run.

Dan originally studied Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Hertfordshire. He then continued to study for a Masters in Physiology before working as an Intern with the US Ski Team during their preparations for the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics. On returning to the UK, Dan became employed by the English Institute of Sport (EIS), working with a wide range of Olympic athletes before specialising in rugby and working alongside the RFU. Dan is also a UKSCA accredited coach, tutor and assessor and now currently works as a strength and conditioning coach at London Wasps.

Poor Dan is the one who has to try and put up with my demands and keep me in shape. Not an easy job, as when he started he used to have a full set of hair.

Warm up

5 mins on a running machine, or any other bit of kit to get your heart rate up.
Have a dynamic stretch
  1. -Leg swings
  2. - Body weight squats
  3. - Body rotations
  4. - Lunges

Even do a mini band warm up mentioned in my other blogs. Get yourself in a position to perform straight away.


Part 1 – On Versaclimber

* If you don’t have one of these, then you can perform the same session on a running machine, rower, Watt Bike.

Set 1 = 5x30s max sprints; 60s recovery btw

-       On the versa you should be getting over a 100 steps each time.

Part 2 – Weight Circuit

These are the 2 exercises that I did, but if you want to target another area then choose something different. Like a power movement.

Body Weight Chins – 6 reps

Then straight into

Bent over Row. – 6 reps

Rest 60 seconds

Perform through 5 more times, taking 60 seconds between each super set. Doing a total of 6 sets.

Part 3

same as part 1

 5x30s max sprints; 60s recovery btw

Still Getting over 100 each time.

Finish with a dynamic stretch, and foam roll then get your nutrition in. I would suggest after this to use something like Cyclone with Maxiraw BCAAs Click on the links to order.


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