Monday, March 28, 2011

Diet & Exercise Tips for this Monster Monday

Two tips, tricks, tidbits... what have you.  

So healthy food doesn't have to be so horrible.  Almost everyone loves Ranch dressing aka 'white trash gravy.'  "Healthy" people have great intentions with salads and veggies but then kill those good intentions with salad dressing.  Regular salad dressing is horrible for you as it is dense in calories and fat, and I'm not even going recommend "fat free" that tastes curdled moldy and been in direct sun all day dressing.  (Although Fat Free Kraft Catalina tastes just like the regular one).  Some times I'll just squeeze a few lemons on my salad and it tastes great, no added calories OR guilt.  But your diet tip of the day is to buy Fat Free Cottage Cheese and a packet of ranch seasoning powder, carefully sprinkle it in and stuurr-it-up until you reach your desired taste - careful kids a little goes a long way!  Fat free cottage cheese is a good source of protein and only 70 calories per half cup.  Use it on your salad, or I love it with sliced bell peppers, celery, broccoli, carrots, or on thick slices of tomato with basil and fresh cracked pepper.

Cardio can be a real drag, but its essential when our diets are less than perfect.  It's also a great way to get our heart rates up and get into a fat burning mode.  When I first started my cardio I hated it, dreading those 'steps to nowhere.'  Now I love cardio (I know right?) and actually have to limit my cardio since I am trying to get weight and mass at this stage.  We all know music makes the time go by faster on the treadmill and elliptical, but we've known that since our seven favorite seven dwarfs sung to us 'Whistle while you Work...out?'  Here's my tip, most us of have smart phones nowadays and I advise you charge up your iTunes account and download music videos with strong beats or put a YouTube or Vevo app on your phone.  Videos give us something to watch AND listen to, faster beats make for keeping our tempo and spirits up, wickie-wickie-REMIX!  My problem is I get the occasional over the shoulder glance and smile from other gym patrons, then I realized "Oh-ma hell, I've been singing out loud... AGAIN."  For those of us with the A.D.D. lifestyle not only listening to the music, but watchin the videos keeps our eyes off the time, which at times seem like a soviet missile countdown... Huston there is no problem here.  Also, after setting your cardio timer on the machine try throwing a small gym towel over the digital clock so that you aren't tempted to watch the clock in misery.  Its good to mix up cardio, running outside (weather permitting), treadmill, elliptical, or bike.  To be honest I don't do the bike unless its a spin class, bikes are 'casual cardio' for me otherwise.  I love to run but get shin splints, (if you get shin splints tape around your arches and they will go away) and unless I remember to tape my high arches I just do the elliptical with a fast paced level 14, for at least 45 minutes. 

I leave you with these words as I have shenanigans with my name on them to attend to!

Be good,


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