Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nater's Snappy Red-Snapper Curry

Nater's Snappy Red-Snapper Curry

Summer is swiftly encroaching upon us despite any reluctantness to sport those tiny bikinis and euro trunks!  But... This is SPARTA!!  Wait, where are we?!  Sparta.  The Spartan / Grecian God diet can be nummy as well as good for you, and wether or not you choose to dawn a red cloak, shield, and sword with your suit is completely optional.  I'm pretty sure on Mount Olympus they serve Nater's Snappy Red-Snapper Curry...  It's a fast snappy fix, only bout 25 minutes total! 

So here's whatcha gotta get:

Red Snapper Fillets (Two)
Shiitake or Cremini Mushrooms (1 Cup) 
Bok Choy (One bundle)
Lime (One)
Red Curry Paste (1 Tablespoon, Paste kids not Sauce)
LIGHT Coconut Milk (1 Cup, yes I said LIGHT)
Brown Sugar (1/2 Tablespoon)
Canola Oil (1 Tsp)
Salt n' Peppa to taste

I found all the ingredients at Smith's, but anywhere should have them.  The red curry paste and LIGHT coconut milk are in the Asian section.  Smith's doesn't have shiitake mushroom (which I love) and this last time I made it I didn't have time to drive to Whole Foods, so I substituted cremini mushrooms.  My TexAss amigos can find these at Central Market, and the Californians can find at Trader Joe's.  I doubled this recipe the last time as 'fed friends are happy friends.'

In a lil saucy pan, throw in the coconut milk, brown sug, and red curry paste.  Wisk baby, wisk!  Cook over low heat until it slightly thickens for about 10 minutes, then add half the lime juice.  I roll the lime on the counter firmly to get it all squishy and juicy first.  Save the other half, don't go putting in yo margarita!  I let this simmer on low until I need it again, it tastes better after it thickens up.

Chop the BOK CHOY!!  Yes, I love to yell that out.  THIS IS SPARTA!!  Chop, chop, chop the bok choy into bite-size pieces with yo sword and boil them until slightly tender, but still firm, about five minutes.  Drain.

Heat the oil in a sauté pan.  Salt n peppa the fillets laying them skin side down in the pan, remember go easy on the salt and SEA salt is better for you.  SEA, as in body of water, where you find fish, namely a red snapper.  Cook about 5 minutes, until skin is golden.  Flip and cook about 3 more minutes, until the fish flakes with gentle prodding with your Spartan trident. 

Remove Nemo's cousins from the fry pan and immediately add the bok choy, remaining lime juice, and mushrooms (Missy & Steve you should substitute canned water chestnuts here, and Jennifer we can add extra mushrooms, haha).  Cook for about 4 minutes.  I recommend straining the veggies again, as to not compete with the curry sauce.  Divide the veggies between two plates, place a fillet on top of each, and De-Rizzle the simmering curry sauce around or on the fish.  Take a photo, and enjoy.  Leonidas would be proud!

Only 390 Calories, 23 grams Carbs, 14 grams Fat, 45 grams Protein - Your welcome Spartans!



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