Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nutrition - Tips to Get BIGGER

This is the one question that everyone wants to know how to do. Its all i get emailed about, tweeted about, so i have decided to speak to various Nutritionists and trainers to put together some top tips for you guys. who want to get bigger and leaner. 

One point you will see which is a common theme. Get your diet right and then add supplements. Not the other way round.
The first  top tops are from our Wasps Nutritionist 

Michael Naylor , Performance Nutritionist, English Institute of Sport -

Key muscle gain points

  1. Consume an energy intake slightly higher than what you expend – around 500kcal extra on training days is sufficient.

  1. Include a quality source of protein as part of your breakfast, eggs or salmon are great choices. You can of course go or steak as well.

Aim to regularly (every 2-3 hrs) consume meals/snacks  high in Protein (around 20g or 0.25g per kg of body mass) and rich in BCAA’s particularly leucine to up regulate MTOR signalling pathways to maximise protein synthesis for muscle maintenance and recovery.  Milk protein, egg protein and muscle protein are all rich sources of BCAA’s and leucine.  You can also use a whey isolate based ice cream which contains ~ 22g of protein.  Aim to consume 1.5 – 2g of protein per kg of body weight daily.

To maximise recovery from training sessions consume a meal/snack/shake specific to the session undertaken. A 0.25g per kg serving of protein is again a good guide to maximise protein synthesis for gains in lean mass and recovery. After intense sessions which lower your glycogen, replenish them with carbohydrates to aid recovery and start the fuelling process for the next session.

Eat Oily fish (e.g. fresh salmon or tuna steaks) 2-3 times a week or use a good fish oil liquid, gel or capsule. This may also aid protein synthesis to increase gains in lean mass.

Fuel your training sessions effectively to get the most out of them…that means not dodging carbohydrates around intense training sessions! Enjoy the energy they provide!

Make sure you consume a variety of vegetables (aim to include in 2-3 meals a day, especially greens) and fruits (mixed berries are a great source) each day.

Consume a source of protein before bed to promote muscle development during the night. Casein protein may be better than whey at this time as the delivery to muscles is slower to fuel the muscles throughout the night.  

Maintain a hydrated state, 2L a day plus an additional 500ml-1L (depending on sweat rate etc) is a good general guide.

Once you have all the above right and your training, eating and sleeping are optimal, then some supplements may be of benefit. Not the other way around!!


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