Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nutrition - Getting Bigger Video

Here is an older video i did with Top Nutritionist Matt Lovell @mattlovell on some tips for you to get bigger through your diet. There are loads of tips and some helpful ideas. If you can eat well its the foundation to gaining the shape and size you want.

It can increase your engery, the quality of your skin and have massive impacts on your long term health. Here is some tips about getting bigger, but also eating well.

Pre and post training is always a very important time to get your nutrition right. if you can plan ahead get some food prepared and in your kit bag, it will make your life easier. Sundays are always a good day to plan a head, and get batches of food up and stored for the week.

Make sure after a session like this you get your post workout nutrition right and into your body within 30minutes. Ideally you want to eat some high protein and carbohydrates. Chicken breasts, turkey, tuna are all good. Sweet potato, yams, etc.

If you cant get to food, or it's not practical then you can try using some supplements. There are loads of different ones out there, and it can be quite tricky. I try to use Maximuscle products, as they have a large, simple range, that is all drug tested. 

For those starting out try these simple ones. PROMAX  which is a great protien source, or something like RECOVERMAX.  Cyclone Is great for size building and gaining weight.

You can go a bit more advanced or complicated with stand alone supplements.With things like BCAAS or Branch Chain Amino Acids.


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