Monday, November 19, 2012

Training - Functional Fitness Session

Full Body functional Fitness Session.

Here is another session that I did with @richtidmarsh. It's a great fully body functional session, that can be done towards the end of the week if you have a game, or other bigger sessions planned. It targets the fully body and has a good conditioning element.

The beauty of Functional fitness, especially with Richard, is that each session is different, you always get a good pump on and fitness blast. The fitness is always intense enough to mimic things like elements of rugby, MMA, or any contact sports.

Again adjust any of this session according to your ability and fitness status. I don't accept any responsibility for you hurting yourself or others.

The session in the picture above works as follows.

Warm up Mobility

Inch worms x3

You bend down and inch your body out until you are flat, then you walk your feet up to your hands, feeling the stretch in the back of your legs.

Lunge and twists-x 2 each side. Lunge forward and twist. To the side of the leg you have lunged onto.

Trx Squat to a Y shape.- x 6

Press up and T opens  x6 reps.-Perform one press up then, as you come back up, go onto one hand and open your test up.


part 1

Deadlift to high pull 6 reps x 2 set for a warm up. Make sure you get your technique right, don't arch your back. Get someone who qualified and experienced to you show you how best to do this movement. Doing this with just a bar is fine to start with.

Deadlift to Highpull 6 reps x 4 working sets choose a good weight you can do. Try to build up each set.

You rest while your partner performs his reps, then you swap straight in.

Part 2

Trx fully suspended rows - with a minus 3 lower count. x 6 reps
You can do this either as the picture has shown, of keep your legs straight out in front of you or put them on a box. Remember the slow lower and fast pull up.

Power bag throws with a down and up. x 3 reps
Throw the power bag as far as you can do a down and up and then jog over, pick it up and throw in back from where you came.

You are doing 4 complete sets of these 2 exercises. If you train with a partner it should be on/off rest. when he finishes you go through.

part 3

Renegade row - 6 each side
Reverse grip chin ups - 5 reps

4 sets of this. You rest while your partner works.

part 4

Agility and Conditioning Drills

- In and out cone drill with down and up perform for 30 seconds continuous

You and going forward and backing off through a cone slalom and performing a down and up at each end.

-Ladder and hurdle drill 30 seconds
perform any kind of footwork drill through the ladder, jump over the mini hurdles. turn and come back through. perform this for 30 seconds

- Battle rope. 30 seconds do any drill you want but for 30 seconds. 

Rest 45 seconds and repeat 3 times through in total.

Then get you supplements on board or eat some food. Click on the link below to get some good MaxiMuscle products.

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