Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Training - 3 min Rower Challenge

I know you lot out there on twitter and in the training world  love a little challenge, and so do I. When I was in camp a few weeks ago one of the other backrow boys who is ace on a rowing machine, set me a little challenge after we had finished our big leg session of the week, which included Deadlift and waited sled pulls.

I tried it and thought I would pass it on for you guys to get involved with and post your times on here or on twitter. Its a good little fitness blow and a great session finisher.

I have to say He beat me with a score of 1075 meters.

It’s very simple and over quickly. You have 3 minutes to get over 1000meteres, which is a good score. My rowing tekkers are horrible it has to be said.


  • 1 min row as far as you can go.

I managed 375 meters

1 min rest

  • 1 min row as far as you can go

I managed 340 meters

1 min rest

  • 1 min row as far as you can go.

-       I managed 335 meters

So it total I scored 1050 meters.

You then fall off the machine and end up feeling quite sick. You then crave a some recovery supplements. I would suggest Cyclone, Recovermax or for those bigger people looking to keep a low carb intake Promax(if you click the links you can order them now for you won sessions)


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