Wednesday, January 9, 2013

4 Amazing Cardio Workouts :

Cardio workouts – exercise that increases your heart rate to a level where you are working, but where you are still able to talk – make you lose weight and also improve your health…so what are you waiting for?! They can be done in the gym or at home – so NO EXCUSE.
A few of the many benefits!
Burns calories and helps you lose weight
- Makes you feel much better
- Helps you sleep much better
- Reduces stress levels
- Strengthens your heart
- Increases your lung capacity
- Decreases the risk of heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes….
…therefore cardio IS important!
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Home workouts
As we all want to get results – ie a flat stomach – in the easiest possible way, I wanted to include a series of 4 of the best cardio exercises to get you started at home. So no excuses of not having time to go to the gym…you need no equipment for the following exercises!

1. Jumping jacks with the ‘extra' touch (30-60 seconds) – these are brilliant, but they are high impact, so make sure you land with soft knees.
1. Stand in front of a step and jump onto it with both feet and then back down to the floor.
3. Do a jumping jack on the floor.
4. After you jump your feet back together, repeat the previous steps.

2. Burpees – or squat trusts - (10-15 repetitions / 30-60 seconds) – not only will this take you back to happy (??!) memories of school, but it will also create a workout for your entire body and get that heart working faster! 

1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and squat to the floor, placing your hands on the floor in front.
2. Immediately jump your feet out behind you so you're in a push-up position, with your weight on your hands and toes and with your body in a straight line.
3. Straight away jump your feet back to the squatting position, stand up and repeat the previous steps.

3. Left and right jumping lunges (30-60 seconds) – another perfect exercise for your whole body. If it's too tough initially, you don't have to jump. Keep your abs tense throughout.
1. Put your right leg out to the side whilst bending your left knee and then turn your body to the left in a runner's lunge. Touch your right fingers to the floor.
2. Quickly jump up to shift the feet in the air and lunge to the right side, touching your left fingers to the floor and repeat.

4. Jumping frogs (10-20 jumps, rest, repeat for 60 seconds)– get your heart rate up quickly…good for when you want to push yourself but don't have much time.
1. Squat to the floor, and put your hands on the floor in front of you.
2. Suddenly push up from the floor, jumping into the air.
3. During the jump, tuck your heels together and put your hands in the air.
4. Land with your knees bent into a squat and repeat.

So get going with those home cardio exercises!


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