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Obesity - The Truth
Obesity is a subject that needs to be understood and addressed as a matter of urgency. This would ease the financial pressure on the medical services as well as improving the health of the population.
Carb Backloading: The Greatest Low Carbs Diet?
Carb Backloading: The Next Greatest Low Carbs Diet? This popular new low carbs diet promising crazy fat loss, muscle gain and improved body composition but will it work for you?
4 Overlooked Foods For Good Health
When searching for healthy diet foods, be sure to consider these four super-healthy choices. They are nutritious and great for a weight loss program.
New Year, New Beginning: How To Get The Best Results Whatever Your Goals
Any time of year is excellent to begin anew for any life area. This New Year, why not focus on your entire life picture from finances to weight loss to build better habits bit by bit? This article will give you skills and inspiration to get the ball rolling in the right direction for any and all life areas.
Benefit From Resolutions and Liposuction
After the seasonal holidays pass and the New Year approaches, many people get anxious about New Year's resolutions and how to improve their lives in the coming year. The New Year is a time to evaluate past goals and set new goals. Everybody has something they want to improve, whether its eating healthier, being nicer to strangers, exercising more regularly, reading more books, learning to cook, or anything and everything in between.
Keep a Food Diary and Double Your Weight Loss
I personally believe that keeping a food diary helps people learn more about themselves, their diet and eating habits, food, calories etc. And basically just being a lot more aware of what they are doing right or wrong.
Childhood obesity is a problem that plagues this country. Many families struggle with ways to help one another succeed. However, there are many simple things that you can do to help your entire family live longer, healthier lifestyles. This article lists 5 things your entire family can do to live healthier, happier lives.
Reasons People Fall Out Of Exercise Regimens And How To Avoid That
The authors observations from her time in the fitness world regarding the interminable problem of sticking with an exercise program. Why do people have a hard time and what are some basic mental approach strategies to avoid quitting?
The Secret to Losing Weight With Help Of A Diet And Special Herb
Research shows that a low-glycemic diet with high protein is much more effective at weight loss or maintenance than a low protein high glycemic diet. To supercharge your weight loss, take a special herb that no one really knows about.
What's Your 'Why?' Finding Your True Motivation to Get Healthy
Have you been longing to lose weight and/or get healthy for a long time but never seem to get there? Perhaps you don't have quite the right reasons lined up to propel you forward towards lasting change. Read on to discover how to find your 'why' - your emotional reasons rather than your physical goals - for getting healthy. Unleash your intrinsic motivation to truly change.
Quick Fat Loss - How Important it is to Eliminate Those Unhealthy Belly Fats
Most women consider a quick fat loss to eliminate the fats around their belly. For them, this will not just help them develop an attractive figure, but in controlling potential health risks too. Remember that if you follow an incorrect fat loss regimen, it is possible that you will experience unwanted health issues.
After Weight Loss Surgery Food Addiction Might Be Substituted by New Addictions
After a good couple of years of sensational increases of bariatric surgeries performed all over the United States, both weight loss surgeons and researchers are able now to observe the long-term behavior that characterizes bariatric patients. Some of the bariatric patients stop eating in excess, but acquire new compulsive behavior that is potentially harmful to their mental and physical health.
Ten Things to STOP If You Want Permanent Weight Loss
Excess weight is created by over-reliance on food - we often use food as caretaker, parent, therapist, mood-elevator, motivator, punisher, etc.  Losing weight permanently requires changing our negative behaviors with food as well as our relationship with food.
How to Get Rid of Tummy Fat?
These days, the number of people struggling with their and those who want to learn how to get rid of tummy fat is quite large. Unfortunately, people cannot magically get rid of it; in fact, it can take quite a lot of effort and perseverance to shed the fat from the tummy. Adapting to a healthy diet and a vigorous exercise routine is the best option for those who want to learn how to get rid of it.
It's no secret that a healthy diet combined with an exercise routine is essential to leading a healthy life and maintaining a healthy weight. Eating healthy and including at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week is the basic amount of exercise needed to balance calories and maintain weight.
Fitness Tips for Weight Loss
Though weight gain is something most people deal with at some point, obesity is an extreme example of uncontrolled weight gain can become. The Center for disease control estimates that over one third of the US adult population is considered obese.
How to Deal With Weight Loss Setbacks
Each one of us at some point along our weight loss journey experiences a weight loss setback. Whether we go on vacation or visit relatives for the holidays, it's easy to let go a little and pack on a few extra pounds. When this happens, we tend to beat ourselves up and become very frustrated. Or, you could be an emotional eater who is going through a very stressful time that results in undesired weight gain.
How To Naturally Speed Up Your Metabolism With Food
Learning how to speed up your metabolism naturally with food that you would normally avoid will help you lose weight more effectively! See what foods not to avoid.
How To Get A Lean And Ripped Body You'll Be Proud Of
Learning how to get lean and ripped can be challenging but many people dream of having that sculpted body. There are so many programs and supplements being advertised everyday and it can definitely be overwhelming to decide what is for you. If you really want to lose weight it all simple comes down to eating healthy and moving more. In this article we will discuss some tips that you can follow to bring you one step close to having that good looking body you dream of.
10 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight Inspite of Working Out
You've been jogging vigorously, doing 50 push ups everyday and lifting weights but to no avail. Contrary to what you might think, the answers lie in the apparently insignificant customs that you follow which are not in any connected with your weight loss regimen but might be interfering with your sincere efforts. Taking stock of the following issues might help.
Magnesium for Weight Loss
Magnesium is an essential mineral which keeps your bones strong, helps keep your heart healthy and can assist in the prevention of common ailments such as constipation, kidney stones, gall stones and osteoporosis. What is not so well known about the mineral is that it can be used as a tool to control weight gain. It allows insulin to usher glucose into the cells which is important because glucose is involved in making energy for the body.
What's the Best Diet Plan to Stay Fit?
Nearly everyone would want to diet at one point in their lives. Obesity is an ever-increasing problem. Moreover, different people face numerous diseases, which require them to follow a carefully structured diet plan as part of the doctor's instruction. After all, our sedentary lifestyles have contributed to the various health and weight issues that we have face today.
Laser Lipo, Does It Work?
Laser lipolysis or laser lipo is a popular non surgical body contouring treatment that is touted as being as effective as liposuction. But does it really work, if so, how well and what results can you really hope for? This article will answer all your questions!
The Perfect Diet? Keep It Simple
Now is the time of year when everyone is looking for the perfect diet. Every January millions of us are on a quest to lose weight and get healthy. Maybe you packed on a few pounds over the holidays or your planning a week on the beach and want to look good or you doctor said that you cannot have a by- pass operation until you lose some weight. (I know of someone who is facing that dilemma.) So with all the diet plans out there, what is the perfect diet?
What You Can Do To Escape From Obesity
Five helpful tips on how to prevent getting fat and staying healthy. Being fit and healthy is very important in order to live a full life. Staying in good shape is the best way to keep your health at its best, which means that you can look forward to a longer life. The five tips outlined in this article will help you stay fit without too much effort.
Winter Weight Gain Is Not Your Fault And You CAN Avoid It!
Winter weight gain is not your fault! Why does this happen and what can you do to avoid putting on extra pounds in winter?
Encouraging Children to Eat Healthily
I doubt Philip Larkin was brought to McDonalds often as a child, but the following from his poetry is good synopsis of why many of us have bad eating habits, in part anyhow. Much of the reason...
Great Examples of Weight Loss Challenge Ideas
Losing weight should never be so painful that it prevents you from taking action. Although it's really hard to keep up the enthusiasm, there are a number of fun activities that you can do to prevent your determination from fading away. One of which is to work in groups and organize a contest. Below are some of the helpful ideas for a weight loss contest. Here they are;
Green Tea and Losing Weight
Losing weight is an overrated subject. Let's admit it, many wants to lose weight without breaking a sweat. However, you need to remember that would be impossible. Slimming pills that claim that they can give you the body that you've always wanted can be harmful for you.
Too many people are exercising the wrong way and not getting quick sustainable results. As a consequence, they give up and go back to the old ways. In order to have the perfect scientifically proven fat burning system in place you must know about the following. You must know about the afterburn and perform exercises that literally melt fats faster than others. In return, you can boost your metabolism by a good 10%. Running can also increase your fat burning rate but you need to run differently. The secret is in flat-out running for short sharp burst, relaxing and then repeating the process over and over again.



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