Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Healthier for summer?

It can seem that almost every day new scientific findings point to how exercise is absolutely vital to human health and well being.  Not only does it keep the body flexible an in shape, burning off excess calories, it also helps to ward off stress and boost mood.  There are loads of sports or activities for people to choose in order to stay fit and healthy.  Which are chosen will depend on individual taste, ability level and cost.  Young people in schools in the UK take part in mandatory physical education lessons from a young age, helping them to stay healthy and to learn how exercise can be enjoyable.  Hockey is one of the most popular school sports, learned across the world by people from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures.  Those who are enthusiastic about hockey can spend a very long time becoming as proficient as possible at the game, as well as learning the whys and wherefores of hockey sticks.
The summer season is just round the corner, and the warm weather is inspiring loads of people to take up a new outdoor pursuit.  For some gardening provides exercise, good fun and fresh air, as does taking the dog for a walk, or maybe just going for a scenic walk alone.  Others prefer to take part in a more structured or competitive sport such as football, cricket or rugby.  No matter which sport is chosen, getting the right sports equipment is key.  A lot of people who are unfamiliar with a certain sport do not realise just how specialist good equipment is.  An example of this is the number of people who learned hockey at school who do not understand the differences between hockey sticks.  For school matches, this may not be overly important, but on actual teams the kind of hockey sticks used can make a big difference.  Using good quality sports equipment is important to all kinds of games, and rules of play often specify the sizes and weights of balls, bats and sticks, as well as setting out which material they can be made from.

Anyone looking to take up a new sport this summer should be advised to spend quite some time researching and considering which sort of activity would suit them best.  If just beginning a fitness regime then starting out slowly and gradually increasing energy levels is a good idea.  Looking on the internet can help individuals to judge which kind of activity they like.  Reputable sources online often outline exactly how a game is played, its rules and regulations.  People who participate in different sports often write about their experiences, highlighting pros and cons of their subject.  Having found a sport to suit, the next step is to look for a local club or team.  In smaller communities teams are often quite informal, and if new to an area can also be a great way of getting to know people.  As with anything, practice in sport improves performance, so grab your hockey sticks and get going!
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