Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to Keep Yourself More Active and Healthier :

Many people find it very hard to start and stick to an exercise program. For some people to think of doing half an hour brisk walk, or the practicalities of finding the time, is just too difficult. If this is the case, then he must consider accumulating this duration by shorter bouts of more frequent activity. Small steps to try:
• Using the stairs rather than lift at work or in the shopping center.
• Parking the car/motorcycle farthest away from the entrance of the supermarket and not using the remote control to change TV channels.
• Avoiding the too easy modern day gadgets whenever/wherever possible and trying to do work pending one’s energy and thereby getting some physical activity.
Fitness has been defined in relation to a concept called physical work capacity. This is related to how much work the body can do. Fitness can be understood in relation to a number of components such as endurance, flexibility, strength and power. One needs to be fit to play many popular sports such as football, hockey, squash, and tennis.

If a person wants to be fit, he normally needs to follow a structured training program. One of the key variables in achieving a high level of fitness is the intensity of the exercise program. Of one wants to very fit then one needs to exercise at a moderate or even higher intensity.
Common examples of fitness training include circuits, running and weight training. In achieving one’s fitness goals through these programs most people will also become healthier. However, if one doesn’t need to be fit but just healthy then one doesn’t have to exercise as hard.
If a person wants to reduce his risk of suffering from coronary heart disease, obesity or other health problems then research indicates that he should be physically active. To achieve these health benefits it does not require the same intensity of exercise training that is required to become fit. One can simply build physical activity into one’s daily living through, for example, brisk walking or cycling.
Engage yourself in some form of physical activity or sport you find easy and interesting and you will get yourself more active and healthier than ever.
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