Monday, January 7, 2013

Nutrition - James Haskell Angry Squirrel Launch

Really excited today, to announce the launch of my coffee range with The House of Coffee.

Like many people I love a cup of coffee, whether that is pre training or in the afternoon with some of my teammates. Good coffee is hard to find, so when I was approached by The House of Coffee, to create something that tasted great, but also utilized the benefits of a good caffeine shot ,I had to say yes. The added value being I could make a donation to one of my charities for every bag sold.  
The name is pretty unique, and conjures up some interesting imagery. Just imagine the kind of thing that would climb through your window, destroy you kitchen, and the only way to get rid of it, would be to poke it down from the roof with the handle end of a broom. If you tried to stroke it, it would have your finger off. It was also names after an ex girlfriend, but that is another story entirely. 

There have been loads of studies performed with the benefits of caffeine, for training, performance and fat loss. Despite its negative reputation within the general population, studies have shown that caffeinated drinks in moderation actually have a positive effect on general and future health, not least improving sports potential and performance. 
For example caffeine in pill form is actively taken before Rugby games, and does aid in alertness and concentration. But like everything it’s about getting the balance right for the individual.
I think the first question which needs answering is this question; is caffeine good for us?
  • ¥ We all know the answer short term – caffeine has a pharmacological stimulatory effect on our central nervous systems, warding off drowsiness and increasing alertness. In moderation – it won’t damage or stain our teeth and prove beneficial particularly in those times of immense boredom and longevity. If consumed in excess – physiologically it wont be beneficial.
But does/can caffeine influence us beneficially in the long term?
  • ¥ Studies have produced mixed results – some claiming that caffeine has a part to play within the neurodegenerative process affected by ageing. A study carried out at the University of Eastern Finland found that most studies supported the view that caffeine could help protect the ageing population against the effects of Dementia or Alzheimer's. Favourably, the mixture of both tea and coffee indicated positive effects on cognitive functioning. 
  • ¥ More studies however are needed before any solid conclusions can be made. 

The Angry Squirrel range is meant to be enjoyed but can also be used a hour or so before training to give yourself a good caffeine hit, that will help you focus, provide energy and if you have it black, speed up your metabolism to burn fat.
If you want to get involved with Angry Squirrel then visit


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