Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Training - One Bar Circuit and Core

                                    One Bar Workout and Core.

I was looking to do a little session, a couple of days after a game. This is the period I get most sore for some reason, but I always feel better for getting up and doing something.

This session can be done as a quick full body conditioning circuit and helps you get a pump on. Due to the small number of reps, you aren’t going to use this to gain size or strength. It’s not a session for everyone, but beginners can use if for practicing good technique with a lighter weight, and old dogs like me use it to get a conditioning hit and pump on.

So I put this session together, and then got a few finishing touches from the help of our wasp’s conditioners. One in particular Tappers or Ian Taplin as he is actually known. (Who looks after most of my training at the club)


You can do most of the session with 1 Olympic bar 20kg with a 15kg plate on either end so you are working with 50kg for each exercise. If you don’t have a bar then use dumbbells in each hand.

Warm up

Get yourself ready to work, so you can either do your own thing or follow the below. I like to use warm-ups as an opportunity to do some rehab, while getting the body ready.

1) Bike warm up I prefer to use a @wattbike but a spin bike will do.  45 seconds middle resistance, at a medium pace, then switch up for 20 seconds on a high resistance.

Repeat this 4 times through.

2) Mini band circuit – place a mini band round your ankles. Do the following

  • Monster walks 10 forward and 10 back
  • Side shuffles (keeping feet shoulder width a part)
  • Standing leg swings -20 each side
  • Standing knee raises, the band sits round one foot, and round the ankle of the other. you drive the knee to the ceiling.

3) Perform a late stretch, chest opens.

Part 1

Have the bar set up on the floor. Perform the following in order, with no rest between them. You may need to but the barbell down to change grips. If not then all the better.

1) 4 each side, single leg press ups on the bar. See pictures. It’s a combination of the both.

2) Bent over row x4

3) Bicep curl x 4

4) Up right row x 4

5) Standing press x 4

6) Back squat (take the bar from standing press and put it behind your head then perform squats) x 4

7) Then straight away 4-body weight chin ups – if you can use @fatgripz that makes things harder.

8) Then 5 heavy overhead med ball slams.

As soon as you have finished the slams, then you start over again. 

 Doing 4 rotations in total of all the exercises.

Ideally no rest, but if you need to take 30 seconds to gather yourself then no problem.

Once you have finished this circuit. Have a rest for 2 mins and then perform the following core circuit.

  • Hanging knee raise (either just hang from a chin bar, or use elbow slings) squeeze a light Medball between you knees. Hold at the top for a 2 count and lower them back down. Do this for 30 seconds

  • Then into side planks 30 seconds each side
  • Front planks 30 seconds
  • Stir the pot on a Medball for 30 seconds, work on big and small circles, and go backwards and forwards

  • Finally partner balances. Stay in the stir the pot position, and have a partner push and pull you around, for 30 seconds. Obviously not to violently, and changing the places where he pushes, i.e. shoulder, head, sides.

Rest for 45 seconds and go through completely once again. so two times in total.

Take on a recovery shake, either something like RECOVERMAX, MAXI MILK EXTREME, or CYCLONEPROMAX. Wasps are supplied by Maxi Muscle so use You can add some BCAA’s and Creatine if you want to.


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