Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Does Muscle Pharm Work For Weight Loss?

This article takes a look at the 8-stage weight loss system offered by Muscle Pharm. It also examines how this supplement may affect active and inactive individuals.

Just because some people workout more doesn't mean they do not need supplements for weight loss. In fact, their bodily needs are quite different from people who have less-than-active lifestyle. Oftentimes, their supplements are much more powerful and aggressive in order to cater their metabolic rate and fat burning processes. A sports company called Muscle Pharm markets a variety of supplements that's geared to meet the different and individual needs of active people. One of their weight loss supplements, called Shred Matrix is said to be unique for its 8-stage system for weight loss. Inspecting this system would impress to most dieters that it is indeed complex and dynamic. However, does Muscle Pharm work? In order to address this question, let us take a look at the mechanisms of Muscle Pharm and how it can contribute to weight loss.

The 8-stage Weight Loss System

The systemic approach of Muscle Pharm is a unique feature that you would not probably see in other weight loss supplements. Each stage tackles a different approach to weight loss and utilizes different ingredients to achieve the dieter's desired weight. The 8-stage weight loss system follows the following steps:

  • Metabolism of energy and fat
  • Control of appetite and weight management
  • Stress and mood balancing
  • Brain power enhancement
  • Diuretic power
  • Regulating of Sugar and enzymes
Looking at these features is enough to convince someone that Muscle Pharm does hold a lot of promise. The list of ingredients for each stage is varied and complex, but most of them have been used for their weight loss properties. It also makes the supplement more enticing for active individuals as it not only burn fats like most supplements do, but also regulate the consumption and cravings for sugar, make use of fats for energy, and even strikes a balancing act in the brain activities.

Before we answer the question "Does Muscle Pharm Work?," let us first examine the benefits and risks that come along with this product.


Muscle Pharm actually seem to work for most active people. The ingredients listed make it a powerful supplement that's really designed for people who do high-performance activities. Caffeine, for example is a potent fat burner and stimulant, but it does not cause side effects like ephedra. The micronutrients also provide the body with support and nourishment while it is at work. It also regulates sugar levels so appetite for food is likely to be inhibited and prevents overeating.


One of the risks associated with this supplement is that it could be too powerful for normal people to handle. Some people are not just keen on doing intense workout and would settle for light to moderate exercises.

Furthermore, the supplement was not clinically-tested so knowing for sure how the myriad of ingredients affect each other is hard to determine.


Does Muscle Pharm work?

Yes, it seems to work especially for the more active individuals. The stages of weight loss is a great way to explain the dynamics of this supplement. However, people who have less active lifestyle should double check the ingredients and talk to their doctor in order to determine if their bodies can handle a powerful supplement such as this.


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